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Al’s Summer Shipping/couples Special

  So I need to makes some extra money so I can afford going to Metrocon as well as getting ready for another year of art school so I’ve decide to start a special offer from commissions just for the summer while doing my favorite thing of topics to draw. 

Cute Shipping art! 

So here’s how this goes! 

I’ll do any kind of ship or couple, any kind of fandomcrossovers, OCs, whatever you’d like. I can draw them hugging, kiss, cuddling, whatever makes your heart fly.  Try to keep PG-13 or so ((So no hardcore Porn, sorry)) 

Sketches are 5$ 

Full Color with simple backgrounds  are 10$ 

Full color with complex backgrounds are 15$ 

Just sent me a message either on here ((non-anon) or sent me an email here ((  

I only use PayPal. So once you sent me the email with what you want, I’ll work on the commission and once I’m finished I’ll email you that I’m done and once you’ve payed you’ll sent you the picture in email or over whatever kind of digital means you like. 

I’ll only be doing this special till the middle of August! 

Here’s more examples of my work

Also well as my normal commission price. 

Matthew: “Yeah She use to do that lot. She still does it time to time.”

Gilbert: “We don’t really mind. I guess” 


Al’s Commissions!!

So I decide to open commissions for the first time. I use PayPal so please keep that in mind. 


Sketches- 5$ 

Full color Waist Up-10$

Full color, Full body-15$

Full Illustration (Character+Background) 25$

+3$ for additional of characters. 

How it works-

You sent me an ask (non-anon) or an email. ( about what you want and I will sent the price and once you give me the okay, I will start working on your commission though email. 

Once I’m done with it, I will sent you an email that I’m done, then once you have paid the money I will sent your artwork.  I will not sent you the picture till you’ve paid. Please keep that in mind

What I can do-




Mostly anything

I will not do hardcore porn or heavy gore.  I also will tell you if I can’t or don’t want to do your request. ((If I don’t feel like I can or feel uncomfortable with it) 

This is my first time doing commissions so please bear with me as I learn how to work this.


Gilbert: “Come on, You can guess this one.”


Gilbert: “Hockey season in this house is dangerous” 



Matthew: “He was mad at first, Mostly because OF the fact Gilbert being technically a lot older then me. A lot of people thought it was a bad idea not just Alfred. 


Matthew: But once he met Liesel, he came around to the idea of us being a family and him being an uncle.” 

Now he’s accepted it…Unlike some people.” 

Liesel: “It’s hard to caught them when they do it all the time out in the open. 

It’s embarrassing!”  

Gilbert: “We’ve consider it but it’s not really that easy. 

Matthew: “I don’t think we could handle any kid right now…”

Matthew:”I like Spiderman but I’m apparently outvoted.”

Matthew:”We always really busy around the holidays traveling and visiting family and stuff.”

Gilbert: “We spent the first half of the holidays with Matthew’s family and then we spent the second half with my side.”